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The complete procedure takes several minutes, with the excimer laser application taking less than 10 seconds.

​LASIK can correct near or farsightedness, with or without astigmatism.

The cornea is a part of the front of the eye that helps focus light to create an image on the retina, in the back of the eye. It  works in much the same way that the lens of a camera focuses light to create an image on film. The bending and focusing of light is also known as "refraction." Usually the shape of the cornea and the eye are not perfect and the image on the retina is out-of-focus (blurred) or distorted. These imperfections are called refractive errors.

There are three primary types of refractive errors.

1) People with myopia, or nearsightedness, have more difficulty seeing distant objects.

2) People with hyperopia, or farsightedness, have more difficulty seeing near objects.

3) Astigmatism is a distortion of the image on the retina caused by irregularities in the cornea or lens of the eye.

Combinations of myopia and astigmatism or hyperopia and astigmatism are common.

LASIK does not correct or prevent presbyopia (reading vision problems), a common type of farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity in the lens of the eye, occurring typically after age 40. (We will be glad to discuss an option called monovision LASIK for these patients.)

LASIK surgery has an excellent success rate. Still, all surgeries have risks, and your doctor will discuss general and individual risk factors with you before your surgery. We encourage you to discuss any questions you have with us.

LASIK is an outpatient refractive surgery that reshapes the eye's cornea to correct certain vision problems - typically the ones otherwise corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses. It is the most popular ophthalmic elective surgery performed in America today.

The painless or nearly painless procedure does not require anesthesia.

At Eye Associates of the South, LASIK is performed by Rainna Bahadur, M.D., using state-of-the-art technology. She is board certified and fellowship trained in Cornea & External Disease and Refractive Surgery. She also performs LASEK and PRK laser surgery, when they are indicated instead of LASIK.

LASIK is an abbreviation for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis. It combines two laser technologies. In the procedure, the surgeon temporarily slices (lasers) a thin flap from the cornea, which is the clear layer that covers the front of the eye. The surgeon then reshapes the underlying cornea (or stroma) with a cool excimer laser for vision correction. The corneal flap finally is reseated and heals rapidly.

In the advanced all-laser, blade-free LASIK used at our practice, the flap is created without the use of a blade and each step is guided by high-precision technology to map the surface of the eye, track the laser(s) movements, maximize accuracy, and reduce complications.

We use precision Z-LASIK technology, which is a new, blade-free Femtosecond LDV Laser that improves results and reduces healing time. Ours was the first coast eye practice from New Orleans to Mobile to offer Z-LASIK. The CustomVue system - which is the gold standard of the industry - completes the LASIK with a VISX excimer laser.

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During this coronavirus era, we are open regular hours for returning and new patients. We have new telemedicine services, so some patients may be examined from home via video conferencing. We still stagger appointments for safe distancing. Patients and staff wear medical masks, with limited visitors in wait rooms. If you are sick or with fever, do not come in; call us first please. Take care.